What We Do

District Marketing is a dedicated team of professionals committed to promoting the Maricopa County Community College District and its 10 colleges throughout Arizona and nationally.

Working hand-in-hand with our incredible college marketing teams, our department strives to create stimulating and impactful marketing efforts that help tell the story of our colleges, connect with students where they are, and elevate the stature of the District and college brands.

We are committed to connecting our students with meaningful opportunities that will empower their lives.



Our Brand

Brands are comprehensive, strategic, and creative instructions on how to capture a company's identity, values, and visual representation. These guidelines serve as a roadmap to ensure consistency and coherence across all aspects of brand communication, everything from logos, colors, and typography to tone of voice and messaging style.

We recognize that brands are more than just guidelines. By defining these parameters, we aim to provide a framework that empowers colleges to maintain a unified and recognizable image presented to our students and community.  

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Resources for All Employees

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Marketing Strategic Plan

A Path Forward

District Strategic Marketing Plan 2023-2026

The 2023-2026 District Strategic Marketing Plan (SMP) provides a comprehensive outline of marketing goals and objectives that aligns the Maricopa Community College's marketing and brand with the overall Strategic Plan. Through work guided by the Marketing, PR, and Communications (MPRC) task force, four goals were identified:

  1. Create new branding strategy for individual college brands and the District.
  2. Implement additional technology and tools to enhance and develop new lead-generation capabilities for the colleges and the District.
  3. Create a System-wide approach to reporting marketing KPIs to college and District leadership.
  4. Provide additional capacity for the college marketing teams to ensure consistency in quality across the District.  

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Need Marketing Help?

With a focus on collaboration, our team is ready to help you with your next project. The Project Request form is for:

  • Campaign projects
  • Design for print, signage, or deliverables
  • Event promotion (across all channels)
  • Student communication
  • Recruitment videos
  • Promo item requests and ordering
  • Initiating a web project
  • Web updates
  • Consulting (Marketing strategy, advertising, web, and creative)

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