District and College Logos

Logo Usage Agreement

A family of unified logos, the Maricopa Community Colleges logos are consistent in proportion and design, unique in color and college mark, and visually related to the Maricopa brand.

By downloading the logo, you agree to use it in accordance with the following standards:

  • The Maricopa Community Colleges logo should be used on all district office publications, printed materials, and web pages, preferably on the front cover.
  • All college materials should include the Maricopa Community Colleges logo either on the front or back of publications or materials.
  • The logo should be utilized visually on the front doors of all Maricopa Community Colleges vehicles, all advertising, billboards, and signage, including college entry signage. Never redraw, trace, scan, or use low-resolution copies of the logo.
  • The logo should be used in its entirety, not separated into component parts, altered in proportion, or printed in color combinations other than those provided.
  • Avoid using design features such as screening, re-proportioning, rotating, or including the logo as part of a pattern or larger image. Such uses tend to diminish visual strength and undermine the goal of creating a stronger image.


College Logos