Opportunity Campaign



The Opportunity campaign is a comprehensive brand awareness campaign designed to educate the market that Maricopa Community Colleges is made up of 10 colleges, emphasizing our shared brand values. The objective is to ensure that audiences hear the message of “opportunity” spread across our system through our college brands.

Platform placement will include marketing mediums that cannot be easily localized for college brands and leverage the buying power of the District.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach a large target audience through various digital mediums such as search engines, social media, websites, and mobile apps. These efforts are a way to connect with prospective students, build brand awareness, drive traffic, generate leads, and ultimately increase enrollment.




Television Advertisements

Television Advertisements

Television advertising remains a potent force in the realm of marketing, as its enduring effectiveness lies in its ability to engage viewers through a combination of audiovisual elements, storytelling prowess, and strategic placement. Television commercials have the unique capacity to evoke emotions, build brand awareness, and influence consumer behavior on a massive scale. 

The Opportunity Campaign commercials are actively running on the following selected channels listed below.


ABC 15 Arizona
Arizona Family
Univision Arizona
Google TV



Movie Theater with Comercial

Movie Theater Advertisements

Advertising in movie theaters presents a compelling opportunity to engage with audiences in a uniquely immersive and captive environment. As patrons await the start of highly anticipated films, they are receptive to absorbing content, making cinema advertising an effective means of capturing attention and driving brand awareness. With large screens and powerful sound systems, movie theaters offer an unparalleled platform for delivering visually stunning and impactful advertisements that leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Movie Theater Placements

The Opportunity Campaign commercials are actively showing at the locations listed below.

Movie Theater Placements

Fatcats Gilbert Cinema 6

Fatcats Surprise

Fatcats Queen Creek

Fat Cats Mesa

AMC Dine-In Esplanade 14

AMC Surprise Pointe 14

Harkins Arizona Mills 18 IMAX

Harkins Arrowhead Fountains 18

Harkins Chandler Fashion 20

Harkins Gateway Pavilions 18

Harkins Shea 14

Harkins Superstition Springs 25

Harkins Scottsdale 101 14

Harkins Chandler Crossroads 12

Harkins Santan Village 16

Harkins Christown 14

Harkins Tempe Marketplace 16

Harkins Park West 14

Harkins Norterra 14

Harkins Queen Creek 14

Harkins Estrella Falls 16

Harkins Lake Pleasant 9

AMC Ahwatukee 24

AMC Centerpointe 11

AMC Superstition East 12

AMC Deer Valley 17

AMC Mesa Grande 14

AMC Arizona Center 24

AMC Arrowhead Town Center 14

AMC Desert Ridge 18

AMC Westgate 20

Cinemark Mesa 16

Picture Show at Superstition Springs

Regal Gilbert Stadium 14

Majestic Tempe 7

Majestic Gilbert 8

Chandler 9

AZ Central Advertisements


Screen Takeover Advertisements

Advertising through screen takeovers presents a dynamic and compelling opportunity to capture the undivided attention of the audience in the digital landscape. A screen takeover seamlessly integrates an advertisement across the entirety of the screen, ensuring maximum visibility and impact. This immersive approach not only guarantees immediate engagement but also allows us to deliver our message with unparalleled creativity and visual appeal. Advertising with AZ Central and USA Today offers a wealth of advantages for us to expand our reach and enhance our brand presence in the digital realm.


AZ Central Gravity Takeover

AZ Central Gravity Image

Display Advertisements


Digital Display, Social, and Search

Google Advertisements: Search, Performance Max, Demand Gen, Display, Youtube, Discover, Gmail, and Maps 
Meta Advertisements: Facebook and Instagram: Feed, Stories, Video Feed, Reels, Right Column, Marketplace, Search, Apps and sites


Radio Advertisements

Radio advertising stands out as a powerful and enduring medium with numerous benefits. From its widespread accessibility to its ability to engage listeners on a personal level, radio offers unique advantages that continue to make it a compelling choice. Its adaptability, cost-effectiveness, and wide-reaching impact make radio a cornerstone of modern campaigns.

Daypart Spots
Monday–Friday 6 am–10 am 4
Monday–Friday 10 am–3 pm 3
Monday–Friday 3 pm–7 pm 3
Saturday–Sunday 6 am–7 pm 3
Matching Streaming Schedule 13
Weekly # of Commercials 26
ALT AZ 93.3
Daypart Spots
Monday–Friday 6 am–10 am 3
Monday–Friday 10 am–3 pm 4
Monday–Friday 3 pm–7 pm 3
Saturday–Sunday 8 am–6 pm 3
Matching Streaming Schedule 13
Weekly # of Commercials 26
Qué Buena 105.9 | Univision | KHOT-FM 
Daypart Spots


6 am–10 am 3


10 am–3 pm 3
Monday–Friday 3 pm–7 pm 5


10 am–3 pm 1
Saturday 3 pm–7 pm 1
Sunday 10 am–3 pm 1
Sunday 3 pm–7 pm 1
Monday–Friday 5 am–6 pm 3
Monday–Sunday 12 pm–12 pm 7
Weekly # of Commercials 25
Amor 106.3 | Univision | KOMR-FM 
Daypart Spots
Monday–Friday 6 am–10 am 5
Monday–Friday 10 am–3 pm 5
Monday–Friday  3 pm–7 pm 5
Saturday 11 am–5 pm 3
Monday–Sunday 6 am–12 pm 7
Weekly # of Commercials 25